Billy Grant



BILLY GRANT (Bass) was born in New York City and still lives and works there. He started his musical training on the piano at the age of 5 1/2 years old. He soon followed that up with voice training and lessons on the drums, the clarinet and all of the saxophones. At 10 1/2 years, BILLY started playing his signature instrument, the bass guitar with his siblings in THE BROTHER’S BAND, a group that played all over the northeastern United States.

In his second year of college, BILLY toured England with the R&B/Caribbean group KOS-A-BII. The next year he was contacted by alto saxophone virtuoso OLIVER LAKE of the reknowned WORLD SAXOPHONE QUARTET to join his new jazz fusion/reggae group JUMP-UP. He performed and recorded with them around the world, sometimes as ambassador of music under the auspices of the State Department, on and off for 5 1/2 years.

After his stint with JUMP-UP, BILLY re-established himself as a major player on the N.Y.C. music scene while compiling credits with STANLEY TURRENTINE, PHYLLIS HYMAN, VESTA WILLIAMS, MIKI HOWARD, CHAKA KHAN, LIVING COLOUR, MELBA MOORE, KID ROCK and many others. In the late 90’s, BILLY and LENNY UNDERWOOD were the mainstays of THE SLAM CLINIC BAND whose headquarters were the center of New York’s Greenwich Village Music Scene, CAFE WHA. Here, they would play two sold-out shows every Tuesday evening at their reknowned FUNKNITE, where they specialize in Vintage Funk, but also play R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock, Reggae, New Wave, Jazz, and maybe even some swing- you never know with those guys! The Original FUNKNITE continues to this day with BILLY, LENNY and THE SLAM CLINIC BAND at THE VILLAGE UNDERGROUND on the 2nd “Twosday” of every month. It was always and still is a pleasant surprise to see which special guest, who could be a famous recording artist, stops by each week to sing or jam with the band.

At the turn of this century,BILLY spent a few years touring and recording off and on in Switzerland with the Swiss R&B/Funk group BRAND NEW RHYTHM. At the same time, he reconnected with OLIVER by joining his new STEEL BAND and rejoining the resurrected JUMP-UP with whom he plays to this day. BILLY also records and plays jazz fusion with THE PETER FISH GROUP, with whom he appeared on “THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE” last year and plays and records cool jazz, R&B and funk with RAGAN WHITESIDE AND THE FAM who had the#1 album on the cool jazz charts recently.

Presently, BILLY performs all over the eastern seaboard with his band THE JAM SYNDICATE. Because of his musicianship and encyclopedic knowledge of songs which earned him the nicknames “The Human Jukebox” and “The Human I-Pod”, he is in constant demand as a guest musician and singer with other acts. Because of his command of musical theory, his conducting skill and his perfect pitch, BILLY serves as a musical director to his band and other outfits, and frequently acts as producer for his recordings and those of other artists. He can be reached at (917) 701-3575 and his e-mail address is

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